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My Chase, Well…just like are SEVEN. This last year, we have had so many changes in our lives, and we saw such a dramatic change in you in so many ways.  You have changed so much this last year into a confidant, talkative, responsible boy.  You have lost your baby face and must have […]

Take a look at my cousins wedding.  Better late then never I guess.  Yes it has taken me a year to post this.  I typically never photograph weddings, but my cousin wasn’t going to have a photographer and I insisted that I take a few photographs for her.  Ever bride should have their memories captured. […]

Our son Chase has been obsessed with Nascar since the age of three.  My husband and I had never watched it before, but on a sunday afternoon flipping through channels my husband Chris paused on a race.  Chase loved Disney Cars so we thought he might like to watch it for a minute.  That minute turned […]

I usually keep my blog a place for my work for my business unlike other photographers that I love and follow.  For a long time, I have been debating whether or not to share my personal life on here.  The biggest debate for me has been whether or not to tell my sons story, our story; […]

As a photographer and a mother I hold photographs near and dear to my heart and deeply believe that families should have their milestones captured yearly.  Looking back photographs are what I treasure. The moments that we will never get back. Im very thankful that my husband agrees and every year helps me put thought […]